Since 1902...


The story of the Bertoldis (Moletto)
The oldest knife sharpener in Montreal


Gelindo Bertoldi, my father, born in 1898 in Stenico, a small town in northern Italy, came to Montreal at the age of 12 and started to work with his uncle Tobia Sieleri who was the only knife grinder in Montreal. 


In those days they used pushcarts, as you can see in picture no. 1. A few years later, he built his own cart and started his own route. Days were long and hard, and customers were few, but he was determined to grow the business as a "Moletto" (sharpener).


Years later, he bought a horse & wagon, which was a big improvement because he could go farther and farther, and increase his clientele. However, in 1927, a pivotal year, he bought a truck and he converted it into a grinding shop for his use and business. This innovation allowed him to go to butcher, restaurants and hotel, which were the main source of business.


In 1949, I joined my father and opened a shop store on Amherst Street, selling cutlery, scissors and sharpening them in the shop. My wife would help me in the store a few days a week, and since business was blooming, my son Mike came in to help.


In 1975, I opened another store in the north end of the city on St-Laurent Street, while my son Mike tended the store on Amherst Street. My wife and daughter would run the store on St-Laurent Street and I would do the sharpening in the back.


Years later my two other sons, Ricky and Gino, came in and joined the business. By 1992, they had taken over the business and extended the routes to 100 miles around Montreal.


In 2003, my grandson, Patrick, joined the business, making him the fifth generation in the Moletto business.


In 2003, the shops on Amherst and St-Laurent Street were closed in order to build a large store and shop located at #3730 on Highway 15, in Laval. Bertoldi's now have over 40 employees and a fleet of 20 trucks. My sons have much ambition and aim to give the best sharpening services in the industry.


Jacques Bertoldi