Power MixerThere are 18 products.

Most Products:
• Perfect hygiene:

Foot, knife, bell and whip fully removable, a Robot Coupe exclusive patented.
• Rugged:

Choice of materials and well researched design for longer life.
• Ability to work high:

Engine performance for the high work quality and large quantities of finished product optimally.
• Easy maintenance:

Tube, bell, knife and all stainless steel whip.
• Compact models:

From a small footprint and easy handling. 5 models to work in small quantities.

Capacity of the pot:

2 to 400 liters depending on model.


Restaurants, institutions, caterers, creches.

In short:

Their performance in terms of hygiene, ease of use, versatility, durability and cost effectiveness make it the best on the market.