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The Blixers

• 2 functions in 1!
The Blixers ® combine the qualities of a machine two well-known appliances: the cutter and the blender / mixer. The Blixers ® will easily make meals pureed, raw or cooked, liquid, semi-liquid or pasty.
• Effective
With their large capacity liquid, cover them with arms and gasket scraper, these models make it with ease all the work of mixed, even tube feeding.
• Reliable
A security cover and a motor brake prevents access to the knife during operation and ensure the use of these devices safely.
• Perfect hygiene
All parts in contact with food are easily removed and cleaned, to meet hygiene standards stricter (NSF).
Number of covered from 10 to 100
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Nurseries, Restaurants
in short
They have everything to seduce: fast, efficient, simple, robust, a perfect end product quality, restitution unchanged flavor and taste.

The Cutters Mixers :

• Performance:
The Robot Coupe vertical cutters are designed to work both in small than in large quantities. The cutter allows the work of meats, vegetables, fine stuffing, mousses, for Grinding, kneading in minimum time. • Less than 5 minutes to achieve the longest fabrications, such as fine stuffing.
• Quality of Cut:
Knife with new blades patented profile for optimum cut quality.
Cutting perfect regularity and homogeneity of the products worked guarantees, even in small quantities.
• Ease of use:
All stainless steel construction with small footprint with a removable bowl and tilt to facilitate operations of emptying and cleaning.
Dashboard designed for simple and safe and equipped with timer for better control preparations.
Seats from 100 to 3000 +
Worked per transaction amount:
4 to 35 kg
In short:
New generation of cutters all stainless steel vertical shaft tilting and removable high-capacity (23 to 60 liters depending on model) meet the needs of demanding professionals.
Communities, Pork butchers, Caterers, Restaurateurs, Pâtissssiers

Bowl Cutter Mixers :

The Robot Coupe commercial food processor performs a host of culinary feats. It is designed for highspeed and quality vegetable processing.